Saturday, 16 January 2016


I really like eating. This is my big pleasure during the day. I wait for the moment I can sit down and concentrate only on my delicious meal. I'm a kind of person who tries to eat healthy ( let's say ) and not to eat too much. I hate being super full, that really drives me crazy and make my day worse. I'm not a glutton and I can stop myself from eating a lot, but when it comes to sweets, that's a totally different story. I must say I'm chocolateholic. Normally, I try to eat bitter chocolate and limit myself to eat only a few pieces. But when I get my hands on milkchocolate... I eat it all. Yes, that's the sad truth. And the whole idea of "healty food" and "healty eating" goes to hell. Only remorse stay. How to fight with that ? Don't ask me. 21 years of living haven't brougnt me any answear. Neither arguments of bad effects of eating junky food nor beating oneself work. Maybe there is no way to resist ? I could only advice eating fruits instead(;
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We're all feeling it in the air. Now is the time when everyone would rather cut off from their lifetime. Time that causes convulsions and suicide thoughts (ok, don't be so dramatic) Everybody knows what I'm talking about ? Yes, the end-of-term examinations ! After two weeks of totally laziness it is difficult to face it. How to pass everything and survive ? How to stay enthusiastic ? I always try to divide the work on several days because the worst thing for me is learning in stress and with time pressure. Behind that, it's easier to remember something if you write it down earlier and then, after a day, two revise the material. It stays in memory. I also try to "sugar" my learnig. I make myself a cup of tea which I like or I listen to the music, it helps to concentrate. When I get really bored of stuff I make a break, take a breath, watch something or just walk around. I think it's very reasonable also to stay connected to your additional courses like yoga for example or to just go out to meet friends and rest. We can't learn all the time, our brain gives us a sign(;
Finally, the most important and commonly known, but not followed by anyone, staying positive and don't think about the enormity of work to do, just to keep going ! You gonna do it :)
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I thought I would write about sth because it's let's say a "hot" topic of these days. No it's nothing dramatic. The post is goin' to be about christmas presents ! I think everybody likes it and think a lot abot what they gonna buy for their family and friends. I always try to think about presents as early as it's possible. I don't really like the option of buying presents at the last moment. I think it's kind of buying something accidental which for me is not good for a Christmas present. I always try to observe a person and  find out what she or he needs and what could be useful fo her or him. Of course it doesn't work every time, but if that method doesn't work I just watch things and try to find some inspiration. Thankfully I always find some idea. Recently I'm really fond of buying presents by internet. I must say this is really helpful for me in many ways. First of all I don't have to run blindly through hundreds of shops and finally come back home with empty hands. I just sit at home and quietly browse through pages with shops. Secondly I have more time to think if I'd like to buy product without any pressure. In shops it is sometimes really difficult when you are constantly being watched by a shopassitant. And finally I have a huuuge choice with variations of shops. I think everybody will find on Internet something appropriate.
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November, unpleasent weather, short days. The last thing you wish to have is an illness and to get stuck in your house to sink in a total sadness. But maybe it is something good about being ill ? Maybe it is possible to find some advantages of staying at home and to be cut off from the rest of the world. I had this experience recently. I was ill for a week and I was spending the whole days in my flat. I remember my first feeling when I fell sick, I was furious. I didn't really know what was worse, the fact that I felt very very bad ( I was really close to death) and couldn't do a lot of about it or the fact that I was stuck on my bed and I had to say goodbye to all of my plans for the weekend and for the following week. But after a day of anger and all-night sleeping I thought that it could be the nice change. First of all there is not a lot of opportunities in life to just stop caring and sleep for the half a day and rest. Secondly there is not a lot of opportunities to find the time and to do things which we never do when we daily run at Univeristy and keep concentrating on our duties. For example reading books, magazines and just slow down a bit. And finally there is not a lot of opportunities to just stop and think a bit about everything, have some reflexions, lay in a silence and concentrate on life, clean up the mind. I think it is really important in our life, but during our daily hustle we just forget about it. Maybe each of us should be ill sometimes ? (;
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Comin' back!

So I'm comin' back to bloggin' ! In this first post I'd like to write a few words about an event in which I took part recently. It was last thursday, I came to Nowe Kino Pałacowe in Poznań to see the live broadcast of Hamlet from National Theatre in London. The title role is played by famous series actor Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC'S Sherlock). The production was broadcasted live to cinemas around the world ! It is the most famous Shakespeare's tragedy. I want to share with you my feelings. I didn't know what to expect by the play. I was really exicted because I've never seen any play from such a prestigious and well-known theatre. 

The whole play was in english of course. I must say it was sometimes really difficult to keep up with dialogues. But it was a real pleasure to hear british accent in actors' speech ! The stage design, costumes, special effects, everything was breathtaking and obviosuly for national theatre prepared with the best quality. The script was made in a modern way, for example actors were wearing modern costumes. I didn't see the whole play, it lasted about 4 heures, but even though I will remember a lot from it. It was really inspirational. I have to say that one of the best thing for me was the opprotunity to connect with the world by this broadcast and to kind of feel like you really are in the audience in the center of London. I think it's really valuable to take part in such event, I know that most people can't afford going to london and see the play in reality, but new technologies give us this opportunity to touch another world by broadcast and enter a diffrent world just for a moment and just for 20 złoty !

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Goodbye with Marie Antoinette

This is my last post on this blog. I want to say that sometimes it was really difficult to motivate myself to write sth down. But I'm really happy that I managed ! I think that had a good impact on my english. I recommend writing in a learning path, that really teaches a lot. In today's post, I decided to describe some movie which I saw yesterday. It's Marie Antoinette. The film made by Sofia Coppola.

I don't want to tell you the details of the movie, just describe my feelings. I really enjoyed the movie. First of all, I love the plot, I really enjoy watching movies about old times, about history. I love to find out how people used to live. I think the plot is very interesting because of being very dynamic.  You don't get bored at any moment. The movie isn't this kind of "museum" movie. Sofia Coppola added there for example modern music which gave an amazing effect ! The movie became more like of our time. I just love that connection (the same like in Great Gatsby >click). Thanks to that we can feel more like being next to Marie Antoinette and discover with her the history. The last thing I want to say about are the costumes. Marvellous ! Perfectly made, you didn't know on which to look at. Art on the highest level.

I really recommend the movie, it's really worth seeing. Portion of history which we can see in a really nice way :)

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Sunday, 31 May 2015



What feelings you have when you see the photo of the forest ? What feelings you have when you hear that word ? I think that most people would have the same answer. Calmness. 
I love forest. When I come back home I always try to find a moment to go there. (I'm lucky to live only 2 minutes from there) I love the sounds of forest, the view, the air. Every time of a day it looks perfect. Every season of the year it's filled with magic. This is amazing and I never have an idea why is that ! You go there and you just enter a diffrent world. You are a newcomer, you are under diffrent rules... Why does the forest is so important for us ? I often think about it and the only answer which comes to my mind is that this should be the call of our nature. Because indeed the forest is are real home. When we go there we kind of renovate us and charge our batteries. This is just inexplicable. But is there any element of nature we can explain ?
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